About Gabriela Michele

Founded by Gabriela Garcia Olivo, Gabriela Michele is a slow fashion brand committed to the ethical production of each design in the heart of Los Angeles, utilizing the finest sustainable fabrics.

Gabriela Michele celebrates the beauty of the feminine figure by crafting designs that embrace a feminine silhouette and complement all body types. Drawing inspiration from the fashion of the 1950s, each of our designs seamlessly blends timeless elegance with the finest craftsmanship.

Gabriela Garcia Olivo founder and designer of Gabriela Michele, contemporary, sustainable clothing brand.

From the Founder

Since I was a child, I have dreamed of designing dresses. I would spend my days playing pretend, using the bedsheets to create makeshift dresses, and walking around the house modeling my latest creation. I don't know what sparked this dream, but I vividly remember how it all started around the age of five.

As I grew older, my dream to create dresses changed to have a clear purpose. After working in the fast fashion industry during my early 20s, I became disenchanted with it and began searching for brands that prioritize sustainability and slow fashion practices. I was searching for timeless, well-fitting dresses in beautiful colors. I found loose-fitting and color-muted designs from sustainable clothing brands that lacked the essence of timeless fashion. Seeing this inspired me to start a slow fashion brand to create colorful, timeless designs that celebrate and highlight the feminine figure.

My intention with every dress is to make you feel confident and beautiful. It is an accessory designed to empower you, allowing you to present yourself exactly as you want to be seen.