Gabriela Garcia Olivo founder and designer of Gabriela Michele, contemporary, sustainable clothing brand.

Gabriela Garcia Olivo

Founder & Designer

Gabriela Michele is a dream I've had since childhood, and I am now in a place in my life where I can finally pursue it. I started the brand with a clear mission of creating timeless, high-quality clothing that flatters the body and highlights the beauty of the person wearing it. 

The philosophy behind the brand is to do this in a conscious manner by using sustainable fabrics and relying on local ethical manufacturing.


Inspired by the fashion from the 1920s to 1950s, I set out to design statement dresses that capture a feminine, sophisticated and timeless style.

Each dress has an hourglass silhouette for a flattering fit and look. My intention with every dress is that you look and feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable in it.


Timeless linen dresses that are flattering for all sizes, responsibly made in Los Angeles.