Our values

Sustainability. Ethical Manufacturing. Giving back.


We use only natural fabrics, such as 100% linen for our dresses and 100% cotton for the lining. Due to their nature, these fabrics are breathable, long-lasting, and biodegradable.

We offer carbon-neutral shipments, and our packaging materials are made from recycled matter and are recyclable. We strive to be sustainable in our materials and practices.

It is not a flawless process, but it is one we are continuously working to improve. 

Ethical Manufacturing

We work with a local manufacturing company that respects and values its workers, providing safe working conditions and paying fair wages.

It is essential for us to partner with a factory that shares our values and is ethical.

Giving back

We intend to donate a percentage of every purchase to an organization working to protect animals in danger of extinction and preserve the environment.

We will implement this giving back aspect to our brand as we grow.